A key feature of the MAISHA project is that that vast majority of training–almost all, in fact– is designed and led locally. The COTR team has engaged a number of trainers from local government offices as well as communities of focus, and these are the real movers and shakers behind all training activities. The holiday season provided some much-needed downtime for all members of the training team, following an extremely busy few months. This dispatch from the field talks in more detail about the trainers that help make MAISHA a success.



Daily thunderstorms throughout the month of November did not stop Migori’s dedicated Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) from attending training sessions. The predictable nature of the short rains–clouds building to downpours by about 3:00 pm–allowed the MAISHA team to plan accordingly. Trainers and project personnel rushed between 3 training sites, allowing a total of over 50 CHVs to complete their basic 10 day training. Read more about the Kenyan Community Health Strategy and training process in the latest dispatch:


The MAISHA team from College of the Rockies and Dedan Kimathi University recently conducted two-day refresher emergency obstetrics (EmOC) training for nurses in Nyeri and Migori counties. This refresher course came one year after the initial full EmOC training in 2013 — watch this great video about last year’s training.